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Our philosophy

At the beginning/midst of the second half of professional life we have seen a lot - but have never stopped being curious on new ideas. Today's massive technological changes offer new opportunities which should be wisely nurtured and exploited.

Our goal: utilizing experiences while honestly acting in accordance with one’s own strengths and weaknesses. External support works best when deep expert knowledge, consulting methods and good timing come together.

We want to follow this thought of professional craft enriched by concise and detailed knowledge.


  • are acknowledged experts
  • understand operational needs and restrictions
  • command a wealth of experience-based solutions
  • think in technical answers, rarely monetary ones
  • often lack practice in transferring their knowledge
  • often lack patience to help teams on their rocky path to enlightenment.


  • are experienced in structuring and supporting teams
  • are masters in abstracting and putting in a nutshell
  • have seen a great deal of companies and their ways of doing things
  • help implementing painful changes
  • often have limited detailed knowledge
  • often lack the experience to overcome restrictions of the day-to-day business.
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